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The Britiquette Series

Etiquette Guides / e-Books on English Table Manners, Table Setting, Dining Etiquette, Social Graces and Social Etiquette


Learn The Essential Social Skills & Etiquette That Pays Real Dividends In Every Area of Your Life... 

Knowing the ins-and-outs of important Social Etiquette and being able to comfortably enjoy yourself at any Table Setting no matter how smart, can pay real dividends in both your business and social life.

Most people don't realise having good manners, knowing your etiquette and having top-notch social skills can, not only increase their standing in the eyes of others, it can make you feel more confident, and more poised. The fact is, being polished and having the right attitude, gives you an absolute advantage in every area of life.

Each and every day, thousands of people are expanding their horizons but sometimes find, unfamiliar situations can create social anxiety.  Knowing what to do relaxes you.  Others feel your ease and respond to that. 

Learning these social skills is about being able to let the best of you shine through and it can be great fun too!


Invest in Yourself ... Because Manners and Self-Confidence Matter!

Many of us could do with some help or a refresher in refining our table manners and learning correct social etiquette, but many Finishing School courses out there can be expensive!

So, why buy these e-books?  Because you won't just learn what, you'll learn how.  


Learn the same information you'd pay hundreds for on a Finishing School Course with this ...

Finishing School in an E-Book!


Within three to four hours, you'll be able to walk out into the world and have the confidence that you have enough of the knowledge and tools for social grace.  Mastery takes a little longer, but you can start now!

We say etiquette easy to learn but we also teach, true social grace is an ability to charm that goes beyond merely doing things correctly.  It's about having 'presence.'

But time is precious and so these e-books are for busy people who want the right knowledge set out in an easy-to-learn fashion ... knowledge which will make an impact, not starting next week or next year, but today!  

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then The Britiquette® Series is for you. 

Here’s some of what you will learn ...

e-Book 1: The Must-Have Guide to Posh Nosh Table Manners

  • All the spoken and unspoken rituals of smart dining
  • The cultural truth why the English don't have an equivalent to Bon Appetit
  • The distinctions between the correct way and the posh way
  • That etiquette is useless to have if you don't first have good manners
  • and other insights that will take you from pleb to celeb status when you want to shine at a smart table setting

For a limited time we are providing access to a preview of The Must-Have Guide to Posh Nosh Table Manners...

Click here for a FREE preview of The Must-Have Guide to Posh Nosh Table Manners

e-Book 2: The Slightly Rude But Much Needed Guide to Social Grace & Good Manners
  • Make an impact when you walk, talk, and meet people.
  • Know the protocol when it comes to introducing people from friends to Granny to colleagues to Lord Doolaly.  Who gets precedence?
  • Engage in small-talk, build conversations and end one gracefully
  • How to tell a good story and understanding humour
  • The truth about presence and how you can develop it
  • and many more ways that guide you towards social ease and grace ...

For a limited time we are providing access to a preview of The Slightly Rude But Much Needed Guide to Social Grace & Good Manners...

  Click here for a FREE preview of The Slightly Rude But Much Needed Guide to Social Grace & Good Manners

These simple to download e-books give everyone from all walks of life instant access to this information at a price everyone can afford!!!!!

And in truth ...  You can't afford NOT to know this stuff!

In the competitive world of work, confidence and social skills such as exceptional social grace and knowledge of dining etiquette are highly sought-after ‘soft skills’ by employers of choice right across the globe. 

A third of graduate recruiters report a dire lack of people with polished social skills, and actually it's an issue at every level of business. 

"Say you don't care ... but don't say you don't know!"   At least by knowing this information, you're in charge, so ...

You can choose when to use it, and when to lose it! 

There are a number of ways of learning this stuff.  You can trawl the internet for hours putting it all together - and you still won't find all that is in The Britiquette Series.  You could buy a number of different books, but like me you'd still be left asking, but 'how.' Or you could attend a Finishing School course, which are growing in numbers again across the UK, and I'm all for them, don't get me wrong, but they cost a good deal of time and money.

No, what makes these books unique is this is formal in content, yet practical focus.  It's like a training course which gives you instant gratification! 

The Britiquette® Series makes this information fun, fascinating, and for everyone!

Click to purchase the e-Book now!

People who will find these e-books insightful …

  • People who know the power of making a good impression
  • Those who want to lift their game to the next level
  • Those who are living life - the extended version - and are in the process of expanding their horizons
  • Parents who know as teenagers you can't rely on being cute as an excuse for not knowing their manners
  • People who want to smarten up, and have fun with it, without taking it all too seriously!
  • People who think manners matter and know the positive impact it can have on individuals, groups, institutions, and societies.

 The Must-Have Guide to Posh Nosh Table Manners  The Slightly Rude But Much Needed Guide to Social Grace & Good Manners

And it's safe for you to buy, as we use PayPal, the world's leading and secure online trading partner.  It takes only a few minutes to download, and then this priceless information will instantly be yours. 

These are superbly practical guides -  that's the feedback.  So get yourself this training manual which will put you smartly on the road to a more polished, more sophisticated you!   

Invest in yourself today...

Click to purchase the e-Book now!

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