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It's been very pleasing to receive reader feedback, so we've decided to share it with you:


An entertaining read.” K.N.


Truly appreciated.”  H.K.P.


This is FANTASTIC.”  G.G. Author and Success Coach.


Thumbs up! It rocks!!!” K.N.


Just fantastic, well done.” S.G.


My two eldest children, aged 14 and 12, requested these.  They have spent the evening enlightening themselves about all manner of things. Thank you for your prompt attention and very fine published work.”  A.T.


Where do you source your information for your booklets. I am very impressed.” Etiquette Teacher. UK.


Purchase was a gift for my daughter.  She will adore it.” S.W.


"I do not remember where I found you, but I have been tempted to buy for quite some time, and am finally giving in. Thanks and God bless you.”  C.E.T.


"I find your books and materials very interesting.” K.M.


"I stumbled on your eBook whilst surfing the internet. I fell in love with it.”  B.A.


"I will recommend you and your amazing books to my circle.” S.W.


"I have found it an investment worth every penny. Thank you for sharing!" C.F.L.


"I am enjoying your books.” S.M.


"We are pleased to inform you that one of your customers has left a positive evaluation of the quality and reliability.


"It is a fantastic book I must say.  Please keep me informed of any further publications, I'd be the first one to purchase them!” Dr. V.K.


"Thanks very much. Will recommend you to friends.” K.R.


N (wife) and I have found your books very informative.” M.E. CEO of PLC.


They have been fantastic.”  S.P.


"Thank you Elaine ... we hope to use it with our children.” A.L. Australia.


Now this is what I call the WOW factor! Refreshing.” S.W.


"The school really appreciates the opportunity to use these materials for our Cotillion Ball.” M.A.


I find that the Britiquette  e-books are very well written. I am enthusiastic about your e-books and have recommended them to three of my industry colleagues."  Managing Director, UK Etiquette School.


I am enjoying the books.” X.W.


"I have now read the two booklets and found them both good read and interesting. In my opinion they should be part of school subjects and for mature adults as well.” L.L.


"I think this is a quick and modern (not to mention, low cost!) way to get the information needed." L.T.


You have put together a great programme.”  D.M. Founder of well-known UK Finishing School.


"It's very cool! The kind of stuff everyone wants to know but feels stupid asking. It's good to read about the formal etiquette, and to really understand the nitty-gritty of it all!" H. B-T.

"I like the style and content ... a good way of presenting this information." M.C.


"They are awesome and have been the topic of much discussion in the office." A.G


"Fantastic on a number of counts. It is thoughtful, well laid out, complete, very well written, easy to navigate – I could go on." K.D.

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